Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pile of Assignment.

Assignment. Sy amatlah suke assignment yang banyak. lagik2 bile sume assignment sy kne wat coding. sy memang suke. :) Assignment that need a coding are,
  • Programming of course.
  • System Software.
  • System Analysis and Design.
  • Programming in Operation Research.
Yang tak perlu pkai coding yang pening, (kalo kne pkai coding gak nt0k subject nie, mmg mati la ak).
  • MUET essay
  • Institusi Islam
Senang cite, sume subject la. huhu. Amatlah seronok ye. Lagik2 yg kne wat program tuh. Haha! agak2, abes wat assignment ni, otak ak meletup tak ekh? haha! All of these must be submit before November17th, if im not mistaken. adoila. and yeah, one more thing, the coding assignment.. its not an assignment, its a PROJECT! huhu.

*agak2 ak nye otak pecah nnt, k0rang rajin2 la sedekah kan ak Al-Fatihah n Yassin ye. huhu. one more thing, eventhough sume tuh kne submit before 17, ak tak wat pape pon lagik. Haha! Kal0 nk taw tahap kesukaran @ dateline @ ape nk kne wat, tg0k la Nur Adibah binti Md Nasir nye bl0g. huhu.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy enough.

-Sam Shik n Sam Soon-

yeah. haha! im crazy enough to watched korean drama, 16 episode in 1 day. Haha! From morning till night. adoila. kua blik, g minum air jap, then ms0k bilik smbung balik. Haha! minum air pon sekali je. pastuh, terus je tg0k ke 16 16 episode tuh. Haha! My Name is Kim Sam Soon. kelakar. Ak manjang gelak je. pecah perot gak tg0k cite bod0 nie. Lagi2 part bile sam shik datang umh sam soon n berkaraoke. Hahaha!! Sape da tg0k, taw la part mne. Sumpah part tuh cam bangang. Tg0k ar gaye si Sam Soon menari. Hampeh gile. Haha!! and, in this drama, sam soon is a patisserie, a cake maker. Right? peh! all the cake that she made, can make you.. fuh! terigin nk makan bnde tuh. Haha! ok enough said. LOL. Must watch korean drama; My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Sometime they even call it, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. Either the 2 of that name. Huhu.

Full episode. Weeee~ ;p

*tibe2 je ak gile n teringin nk tg0k cite ni balik. So, ak download the full set episode drama nie. Ak igt dlu ak penah tg0k cite ni kt 8TV mse ak form5. Cite ni funny. So, ak nk tg0k gak blik. Haha!! Sape nk tg0k? angkt tgn! Ak bg die full set cite nie. Tp, bayar!! RM8 satu episode. so, 8x16=128 total. So, RM128 for full episode. So? Suke ati la. Hahahhahahaha!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who want to see?

Haha! i think this is the most foolish entry i ever made. Haha!!
Who want to see me getting bald?

Even the cat laugh at me.

*not the shiny bald type. its like, hmm.. Haaa!! Mawi bald. There's a bit hair left. Im not going to bald my head till it shine though. Cause, i dont want people who see me lost their eye-sight because of the shine. Hahaha! ok. STOP. Thats all. it really funny though. me, bald? Mawi style. adoila. Anyone want to see? Haha! argh! enough said. Ok. Fullstop. LOL.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Rating: 8.9/10.
(Bes cite die. Klaka. lala~)

*sedikit sebayak, cerita ni mengisahkan tentang seorang bapa, Saadom yg kehilangan isteri disebabkan terlalu sibuk bekerja. Hmm. Then, the kne jage ank die s0rang2. Tp, time tuh die da kaye da. Sbl0m ni die miskin. Umh sempit. Bile ank die da berumur 10Tahun, die da kaye. Cawangan Saadom da dibuke ke serata Malaysia. Sebab terlalu bz, die takde mse ngan keluarga. Tuh sebab ar isteri die meninggal. Sejak dari tuh, die tr0z berubah. Die jge ank die 24/7. Tak terlepas pndang seminit pon. Gile. Haha!! Anta ke sek0lah, bukan smpai pintu pagar sk0la, smpai dlm kelas! Time recess plak, siap dtg sk0la, bawak nasi kandar n papadom nt0k ank die. Haha! Gile2. Ank die rimas ngan sume tuh. Hmm. Bla~ Bla~ Bla~. Nk taw lagik, TGOK SENDIRI AR! haha!! tg0k yeee. bes2. ;p

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MUET, Speaking 2009

Pergh! im stuck! Darn! :( These are the topic i got..

What is the best situation that effect a family reputation?
A) Behavior of Family (im the one that need to elaborate this topic)
B) Income of their family (Amer jobs to elaborate this)
C) Family Educational Level (Azlan! i hope i got this one)
D) Their family Occupation. (elaboration done by Nadeson)

*And yeah, i always, from the day i born till now will be the first group in anything. Because my name start with A. So, i can't run away from that facts. So, im candidate A. Waa!! cant think anything in that moment. Haha! BLANK! huhu. But, nk xnk, bedal je!! haha!! btw, nk xnk, redha jela dengan pape keputusan. its already happened. Cant change a thing. huhu.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Whoa! next week will be my MUET test. Speaking test. Hmm. Maybe the one who really superb n extravaganza in english will just stay home, relax and calm. But, im not that superb. Im not that dumb. Im in the middle i guess. But, the feeling of it, just like.. tomorrow you're gonna die. WTH?! Haish! Im really2 nervous now. The point is, i cant speak well. As you know, speaking test in MUET have 2 task. Task A and Task B. In task A, you will be provided with a situation. You need to elaborate that point. This is where im not capable, umm.. the easiest way to said that, my weakness is to think of the point. Arghhh!! in such a short period of time. 2min?! Adoila. IM DEAD! DEAD!! Huhu. Task B is a discussion. In Task B, i think i can go with it. But, Task A?! Hampeh!

Dear God, My ONLY ONE GOD, ALLAH! Please, help Al-Azieze bin Jamil with his speaking MUET Test that will be held on Oktober 6th, 2009.
- AMIN! -

*im hope that with DOA from you guys, im capable to do that Task A smoothly and with flying colour. The truth is, I REALLY SCARED TO DEATH right now. Like my heart and all my nervous organs gonna be explode and turn into pieces. Huhu.

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