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Good day mina san,

Ogenki desuka? Eceh. Acah acah speaking Japan. Tonikaku (anyway), nothing much to story bout actually just want to keep my blog updated so let me just share about this tolol (stupid) driver on my way to work this morning.

It all started, in a dark road with only visible with street lights and lights from vehicles. I'm not that late to work but I'm kinda speed up (90km/h je pun!) and there was this one, white, stupid vios driver in front. OK, before we proceed, if there are 3 lanes, obviously the very left  is to turn left, middle and right to go straight, yes? (refer picture below). Common sense macam tu kan? Oh well, according to my last driving class, 8 years back it was like that. Don't know now there is changes in it lah kan.

(gigih drew with paint okay)

I was at the back of that tolol car and he drove a car like snail. I overtook him on the left as I want to take left turn within 200m (I guess), and of course when you overtook a car, you speed up, kan? So, I speed up my car and when suddenly this tolol turn left too, and guess what? Yeah, his rear signal failed to function and his rear signal were there just for a show. Woohoo my car got rear signal light too but it just for show bitches! And I already halfway to overtake him so I went full throttle and managed to overtake him. Next thing surprised me when he speed up and drove beside my car, unwind his windshield and gave me that one look. Of course I looked back at him, gave him a stare and flip my hair and drove away. He only dare to overtook me and gave that one kind look because he got 3 other person in that car. Acah acah. Hey hallo, you got into different lane without giving a proper signal and you want to give me that one look? Motherf@#4 betul. Kau pergi driving school mana do? Do do do betul.

Moral of the story is, always use your rear signal to change lanes. Even there is no car around you. Why? To make it a habit so that you don't become like this tolol shit who acah acah brader tailong abang naga whatsoever. Gosh they really need to learn how to use rear signal already. Its 2017 man. Come on! Like what? Using it one time will cost you RM10 is it? Mother@#4 betul. Eh lucky aku ni bukan jenis kaki gaduh. Kalau tak, mungkin aku dah langgar dia. Eceh. Aku pun acah acah disitu.

Ok, thats all actually nak cerita. Saja. Nak luahkan perasaan sikit. Thanks for reading. I put an effort to drew that image with paint hokay! Tolong appreciate sikit entry ni. Usually I ask help from Pakcik Google sajo. Hehe.

*guys who read this, please, please, please.. Remind yourself, practice yourself, make a habit of using rear signal. People won't know that you are changing lanes if you are not using your rear signal. And, please, use it early, not to early, and not to late. Come on, if that simple thing you cant do, PLEASE, throw away your driving license. You are an useless, pathetic, worthless driver. That is all I want to say to those who are not being considerate about others on the road. You guys are F-ing annoying. Until next time, xoxo. Mmkay. Bye.

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