Serious Sam 2

After updating my blog layout. I felt that i want to post some NEW DIRECT GAME! Haha! and here it is. Try these out. Its pretty funny game. Serious Sam II. Try it out guys. (^^)

Serious Sam 2

Its a direct download. So, if u have any download manager installed in ur system. Just right click and download with IDM ( example of my download manger ). Thats all u have to do.

Right Click and Download with your download manager here.
Download this using right click to: File SeriousSam2.001

NOTE: The file SeriousSam2.001 MUST be put in C:\SSAM2_FILES for installer to work!

And please download this crack to.

Download via RapidShare HERE.

*if u want any other game, please let me know. Tak kisah la paper, game ke, music ke, movie ke, app. ke. Kalo dpt, ak tlong la. (^^)

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