Sucks at English?!

yeah. That's me. I just know that im weak at it just now! Baru je datang kesedaran diri tuh. Ape la nk jadik ni Jieji oi! SEDAR LA!! Haish! Ak mule sedar tadik, time ak bace blog mmber ak ni. Korang nk bace ke? Ayat die SUMPAH POWER! Haha! Kalo ak ckp power, power la. LOL. So, i start questioning myself, how can someone at that age can mastered English very well? And that time, at my mind, i start thinking that i want to improved my English as well. English is so important nowdays. Very important. Later, i post a shout at MySpace, that my english was bad and i need some opinion. Guess what? I got a lot and a lot of response. Even from miss.Suzi my lecturer? Wow! That was unexpected. Here what she said to me,

"english is about basic..
basic u kuat,campak laot po u leh survive..
if basic u xkuat,u xleh nk phm the advanced part."
"always use dictionary"

That what she said to me. And she added some more,

"kite kawal surroundings kite."
"bukan surroundings kite kawal kite"
"lagi satu kan awk tanamkan sifat sgt suke dgn english"
"tgk muvie pon boleh blaja ape."
"then try gune pe yg awk pnah dgr,pnah nmpk,pnah bace"

To tell the truth, that's means a lot. I'll try my best! After that conversation with miss, suddenly, someone PM ( Private Message ) me on YM ( Yahoo Messenger ). Its the person who create that FANTASTIC AND SUPERB blog. Whow! Later, i ask him how he can be that mastered and superb in english. Any tips? Then he said the thing that matters is,

  • Passion with english
  • Eager with english stuff
  • Always refers to the dictionary

And some thing that u can do to improve ur english is that,

  • if u watch any english movie, try not to on the Malay Subtitle. Try to understand what that person trying to say and get it out. If u dont understand, dictionary is ur best friend.
  • speak english with ur friend, family or even teachers/lecturers
  • just SPEAK!

When ur speak, u can get benefits from it. I.e : self confidence + learning from mistakes. Thats what he said to me. If u dont believe in me, try to read out his blog HERE. You'll see. After hearing all of this stuff, i felt that, i got a lot of thing to learn. More and more. Thanks to those who give me some ideas to improved my english. Thanks guys! and yeah, SAYANG korang lebeh! haha!

*pergh! really seyh. Ak rase en, english ak mmg trok gile. Kalo nk dipikirkan blik, ayat ak mcm dak skola rendah pon ade gak. Haha! Ayat di0wg lagik power kot. Semak PALE! As my friend told me, its a lifetime lesson. (^^)


16-EiGht-46 said...


blog owner said...

komen blog sndri...???
letak cbox la tambi...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah lifetime lesson. Oi takleh belar gile smpi letak link kt blog ko. Wtf???

16-EiGht-46 said...

blog owner: haha! testing tuh..sbb sblom ni comment box rosak..

cyrusz: haha! ak bg ko market sket kot. Haha! THX PIS!!! ;p

Anonymous said...

english is fun.....!! really fun... try to be patient in learning english.... grammar is the only things that is kinda hard... hahahahahah.....

16-EiGht-46 said...

erk. ye tak ye gak en. haha!! english is fun. but non fun part is its grammar. wahahah!!

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