Final on the May 11th to May 23th?!

So, maen, maen, maen, play, play, play. Its about time to finish my second semester already?! Final on the May 11th to May 23th. So, its around the corner then. Still, skang ak masih stdy HE; the most WORST SUBJECT for ME!! (not for others, cause i really hate reading and memorazing. Its sucks in my opinion. Haha!) Aku amek 6 Subject sem ni. English, HE, Statistik, Math II, Programming I and Computer Organization and Assembly Language (OKBH). Sumenye SENANG2 (sebaliknye).

Slip pekse sume da amek da. Tinggal nk g exam je ari snin nnt. Pergh! agak seram ar!! Bukan seram, rase cam nk gug0q jantung. Haha! Ni jadual pekse ak.

  • May 11th, Monday : ENGLISH FOR A.C
  • May 12th , Tuesday : HUBUNGAN ETNIK
  • May 13th, Wednesday : MATEMATIK II
  • May 18th, Monday : STATISTIK
  • May 19th, Tuesday : OKBH
  • May 23rd, Saturday : PROGRAMMING I

OK!! 2 je. Dah2!! Time to study!! AGAIN!!! huhu.

*please, i hope the one who read this can pray for my success. (^^) Thanks you guys!! duh!! ITS ABOUT TIME!! Study2!!!


missy suzi said...

tolong score paper yg 23 may tuh ye.gewd luck.padan muke kene stdy.
cam tula sy rase dulu2.stress!
padan muke.padan muke.padan muke.ok.cukop.trimas!

16-EiGht-46 said...

biase ar tuh..
blaja kan kne stdy..
padan muke skli suda la..
lebey2 plak..
hahahaha! ;p

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