Twilight - New Moon

Peh! Cool and extravaganza movie. LOL. i really dont know how to rate movie at all. (please, dont believe my rating. Haha). Last month, when i said to my family bout this movie sux, then turn to like that movie. WTH? haha! so, please go and watch and analyze that movie for ya self. better than to read my rating of course. haha!! so, my rate is 9/10. Pretty cool movie. but, pretty questioning ending. i think they will cast another sequel of Twilight. hmm. maybe.. but, im pretty sure bout it. cause, new moon movie ending really sux. Haha! The ending just like.. "Bella, will you marry me?" Something like that. Haha!! :) Hmm, i guess girls really like this movie. Cause of what? go and find out yourself. LOL. so, thats goes my rating, overall, 9/10.

*So, english or bahasa? haha!! lets speak bahasa for now. LOL. g tg0k movie nie ngan mmber. blik umh awal. then, mmber nye kazen ade kenduri kawen. g mkn kt kendri tuh then troz g tg0k wyg. blik dlm k0l 9PM. :) Release tension for before my final. So, besok start struggle! huhu. seram.


bella said...

btol tuh!
girls mmg like to watch this movie.
kalo the other girls ta suke i think its a bit funny cause i loooooiiikkkee this movviee!
and the reason is?

16-EiGht-46 said...

hahaha. leh cite la. jacob mne penah pkai bju cite nie. pkai baju pon, wat mmbzir je. kne bli lagi pas bertuka.

suke la k0rang en tg0k badan bodybuilder. hahaha!! kal0 laki ckp di0wg suke tg0k cite nie? cane plak? hahahha!! ;p

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