WRL Test!

Haha! your must be wondering whatz up with this WRL eh? Haha! patient, you will know it eventually. just, stay cool. Haha! and read this entry. Ok, WRL Test is around the corner and my heart pounding like it gonna explode like a bursting volcano if im keep thinking bout it. Huwaaa!! adoila. Hmm, this week was very tiring week! 1 test, 3 quiz, 4 programming project and 2 assignment. Haha! my energy gone ZERO just by doing all of this. huhu. Haa! back to that SRL Test, it should be WRLS. Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. now you know right? its MUET! Haha! i really2 scared and nervous in writing. You know how im wrote right? S U X ! huhu. who agree with me? raise your hand up high!! Haha! im really sux at writing and speaking. but, speaking.. i already gone through that. Next will be WRL. It will be held this November 7th, 2009. Please pray for me. :)

Dear God, My ONLY ONE GOD, ALLAH! Please, help Al-Azieze bin Jamil and all of his friend with their writing, listening and reading MUET Test that will be held on November 7th, 2009.
- AMIN! -

*im hoping that with DOA from you guys, im capable to do all this paper with a blink! LOL. not with a blink, with flying color so that i can really satisfied my lect and make my FAMILY and my friend proud of me. i really hope that will happen to me in the near future. and yes, i had my Nazar if i get ben4 and above. >.<


diba.. said...


sipOot chEneLLe` said...


diba.. said...

entry baru suda di pos..

sile beri komen..

bukan beromen..

16-EiGht-46 said...

dba: insyaALLAH. :)

sipot: huhu. trimas! ;)

dba: k0 yg suke beromen. hahahah!!

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