Movie - Comedy and Horror

Just watched The Hangover and Sorority Row. Fuh! One was funny, and the other was terrifying. >.<. So, here's the review (directly from me. LOL.)

The Hangover.

Review: At first it was like, "WTH is this movie about anyway?!" Something like that. Then, after a while, "Ouh! its about that. i see now.". LOL. Anyway, lets move on. leave this crap. haha!! so, this movie was about a guy that gonna get marry soon. So, his friends decided to go on a bachelor party at Vegas. So, this groom here go on a trip to vegas with his 2 best friend and his brother in law, also his good friend. (i think so. haha!!) So, in vegas, they done something terrible that they dont even know it because they in a bad condition, drugs. So, they find a way to restore what they did that night before they wake up in a totally mess up 5 Star hotel, suite room! Whoa! its totally a disaster. Haha!! and yeah, one more thing, when they wake up, the groom wasnt there! so, they began to search him. And they where the journey begin! LOL. Watch this movie for the rest of the story. Its Hilarious! Watch it. :)

Sorority Row

Review: Whoa! Terryfying movie. huhu. No mercy in killing those women. Ok, here's the review. A there was a house, full of girl, high school girls. House of high school girls to hang out. So, there was a party. Then, these 6 girls want to make a prank for one of their girlfriend boyfriend. Cause, that guy cheat on their beloved friend. So, they pretend that this boy girlfriend died when they about to make love. This boy really~ really nervous on the way they want to throw away that "Dead" body friend of theirs. When they arrive, her boyfriend really kill her with.. umm.. i dont know what they call that thing. Haha!! (Watch this movie to know) They totally freak out and throw away that body. After they graduate, each of them got the image of the weapon that kill their friend. Soon, 1 of their friend died, MURDERED by an unknown human being. Then... haa!! watch the movie to know more. :)

*review made by myself. no copying. haha!! anyway, watch these 2 movie kay? it turn out to be quite good. Have fun watching! :)

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