Movie - Spy Next Door

Great. Funny movie. Cute kids. As usual, brilliant fighting style from Jackie. :)

Spy Next Door

Synopsis: Jackie is a Spy. International spy work under CIA (if im not mistaken). Then, he want to quit his job as a spy when he found his love. But, because of a file, top secret file from russia has been downloaded to his lover son to its ipod, the evil russian come to hunt him and that family so that they can retrieve the file back. The Russian want that family and Jackie dead. Then... watch this movie. 0k? hahaa!! ;p

*mse ni cadang nk g planeterium. tp, disebabkan one of my friend tak dpt pegi sebab die ade training n sorang lagik bg alasan bodo yg tak mas0k akal, so, we decided to go watching movie. So, tu la movie yg kami tg0k. bes gak cite die. tak kering gusi beb! dr start smpai abes, gelak je lebeh. huhu. huru hara pggung wyg tuh. ;p

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