Sweet is what you are - Ranja Adam feat bro Maher

dengan tibe2 ak
terpikat ngan lagu nie. tak tawu la sbb bro nynyi ke ape. tp, lagu ni sweet je. ;) pastuh, rentak die takde la menyakitkan tinge dan memecahkan pale otak. rentak die slow mo je. bes gak dengar. hehe.. korang dengar la. :) ouh ye, lyrics tuh. hehe. tak bpe nk tawu betol ke x. haha. selamat mendengar! :)

Sweet is what you are
Ranja Adam feat bro Maher


Another day had passed, without me spending it with you, girl.
Can't you see that i, i cant get over you! NO~
and i been thinking about, how you changed me..
if i haven't had you, how would it be~
So girl.. why you still far from me? Hey!
i want you right next to me, can you tell me what so wrong

Sweet is what u are, an angel from above
i can hear in the sun are melting for you
you defeated my love, the one i dreamed of
baby there's no one who can make me feel like you do.

Ranja Adam:
baby let me tell you a story
i know that im acting hard again ...?
the truth is that my heart was calling out for you
i was not even sure how you felt for me
but now that i know what to tell you that i wanted you to know

there's nothing wrong about me and you
its just that i didn't know,
but its right here you belong


you smile is the prove of the real dream come true and i was wrong

Ranja Adam:
it doesn't matter about what we have open out
(someday they, the rain will stop to fall) ????


*apekah kate anda? haha. bg saye bes. kalo anda rase tak bes, nyah anda dari sini! lol. x) tp kan, laen gile sore bro dlm lgu nie berbnding lagu die yg laen. kt sini, mmg macam orang barat! huhu~ and one more thing, any rhythm suits with my bro voice. sore bro mmg superb! :) msok ngan sume genre lagu. kot? ouh!!! tidak termasok heavy metal, metal, punk etc ye! tu sume wat pecah otak je dengar. hampas~ =,=


Eidmalina Ideris said...

thanks for the sharing the lyrics.actually eid mcm suprise bila dgr lagu ni.sbnarnya lagu nibyk membawa makna terutama kpd perubahan maher itu sendiri...masha Allah,sesungguhnya Dia maha Mengatur segala-galanya.
salam ukhuwah ;)

Mr. Z said...

no problemo. i had a hard time when listening to the lyrics though. haha. x)
yea! betol betol. thanks you Allah for bringing bro home. Alhamdulilah. :)

zackrullah ismail said...

woooo...bes gler arrg!! >w<

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