Love & Emotions.

-= Love =-

If you cry for a love, you're in love with her. But, still.. If you really really in deep true love with her, let her go. Let her find her true happiness. As her happiness will bring you a happiness in your life too. Life must go on, do not cry for such a case. Crying for someone that do not even bother or care about you anymore? Yay! Its such a waste of time and its not worth it. (=


-= Emotions =-

Do not let your emotion win. If by any chance that emotion win, darkness will engulf you. And people around you will be affected too. Its the truth. As I already gone this phase. I do want to make people around me to be happy as they never be happy as today. But, emotion sometimes wins over me. Its a disaster when that happened. The only thing that came out from me, is Sorry. Its up to you to accept it or not. If you don't, move on. Forget me. Forget the past. Sorry that I made you hurt. What a guy I am..

*sometimes, GAY words is the only words that can be used to express your feelings. So, thats that. This entry is truly the GAYiest among all. Hehe.. Read it, or leave it. Its your choice. People don't make a choice for you, you did. :) as the worlds turn upside down, move on. do not stay there as a statue and be depressed. You will regret it sooner or later. Ehh.. -.- ok. Thats it. I have to stop now. See you soon.

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