Dot dot dot.

untuk menyatakan yang aku still bukak blog nie, aku post la bende merapu merapek meraban gay kind of thing ni. still the fact is, i dont know what thing should i post anyway. sebabnya, masalah masalah dan masalahhhhh je lately. the truth is, i'm kinda aware that i seriously dont own that life i had in the past. probably this is His way on giving me some meaning of life. or how miserable life can be. or anything (sheesh i cant actually think anymore =_-") jadi tu la dia, aku pun tak tau nak post ape lagi. there's no more interesting thing anymore. more like, everyday is a funeral day for me.

i just need some time to be alone.
then someone will come.
have some conversation and talk.
hold my hand and says..
"you gonna be fine. just fine"
and end it with a hug.

(its in the movie!)

blah blah blah. ok, thats kinda depressing and possibly the-most-gay-entry-of-all-time to write. haha, just 1 thing, i dont know what the hell im suppose to post anymore. ideas? xD

*my past 2 weeks was a disaster. everyday was like day of sorrow, depression and all that negative feelings. like, im half dead. seriously, if this thing further on, i'm gonna be total dead meat. its kinda hard to deal this much of pain. all of this... ==" oh okay now. i should stop. this getting seriously GAY. dammit. lalala~ this Ape ape je la is turning into some kind of blog-for-gay-thingy-and-seriously-depressed-feeling and all. oi, wth?! =="

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