Kimi no na wa (Your Name)

Harlowwwww guys!

How are you guys doing? I'm partially dead as exam is around the corner and presentation date for final year project is nearing too. My documentation for it is in a mess and the best part is I'm terrible at documentation. Oh I'm so dead. Tonikaku (anyway), even though exam and presentation is nearing, I still got sometime to watch movie. LOL! After a programming discussion, I decided to go and watch this on a midnight show (of course the next day I'm off from work). And you know what, this is my first time watching an ANIME movie on cinema! And and, IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT! IT WAS TERRIBLY AWESOME! I don't know about others but I find this movie is worth watching. It's quite confusing at first but at the end, you should able to say, "ahh, so thats why it goes like that and all". I guess. The story line is nice, it's hilarious at some point and yeah, there was a sad part too. But please, if you are an anime person, or at least a drama person, you should watch this. Totally worth it!

So, stars right? 
I guess, from 5, I would give 10. 
Pack with joy, laughter and sadness!

Trust me. 
Massive spoiler.
(i think it is)

*just a word, GO AND WATCH IT! Okay, maybe it's not A WORD. Just go watch it and you know the awesomeness of this movie. Haha am I exaggerating or it is really an awesome movie? But for me, who like action, fantasy, magic stuff who say this movie is awesome, then, it's definitely is awesome right? Haha. Come on, just for once, go and watch anime on cinema. It's not a fighting anime. Or robotic anime. Or hentai, or what so ever. It's just a normal, human being, drama kind of thing anime. It is nice. Just don't get to emotional on some part. Hahaha enjoy your movies! See ya xoxo mmkbye.

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