18SX Jokes? Haha!

Here some. Its funny and im really LOL at it. Try and read it out too. Sharing is caring anyway. haha! =p

Cheating in EXAM

In a Biology exam there was one question that asked the student to draw the female reproductive organ.

As the exam was progressing, a girl looked between her legs.

When one of the boys saw her doing that he put up his hand and shouted

"Maam, she is copying from the Original "!!!!

How to Lie To Kids These days

how to lie to child these days :

"Father how did i appear in this world ??

Father : Son...sooner or latter u gonna find out .So , one day me and your mother entered a chat room on yahoo. After that we arranged a date via email on a virtual internet cafe. We then logged in a private chat room where you're mother agreed with a download from my hard.After i was finished with the upload , i discovered neither of us had the firewall on, and it was already too late .9 months latter a pop up appeared screaming with all hes might YOU'VE GOT MALE !!

A little test

My girlfriend and I had been dating for over two years, so we decided to get married. She was a beauty and I was very happy! There was only one thing bothering me. My prospective sister-in-law was a teenager who wore tight micro skirts and low cut blouses She would regularly bend down when near me and I always see her underwear. It had to be deliberate, as she never did it when she was near anyone else.

The other day little sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome. She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married to her sister. I was in shock and couldn't say a word. She said,

"I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, if you want to have me, just come up and get me."

I was frozen as I watched her go up the stairs, pull down her panties and throw them down the stairs at me. I turned and went straight to the front door, opened it and stepped out of the house. I walked towards my car. My future father-in-law was standing outside. With tears in his eyes he hugged me and said

"We are very happy that you have passed our little test.We couldn't ask for a better man."

The moral of this story is: Always keep your condoms in your car.


  • First date: You get to kiss her goodnight.
  • Second date: You get to grope all over and make out a bit.
  • Third date: You get to have sex but only in the missionary position.

  • First Date: You both get blind drunk and have sex.
  • Second Date: You both get blind drunk and have sex.
  • 20th Anniversary: You both get blind drunk and have sex.
  • First Date: You take her to a play and an expensive restaurant.
  • Second Date: You meet her parents and her Mom makes spaghetti & meatballs.
  • Third Date: You have sex, she wants to marry you & insists on a 3-carat ring.
  • 5th Anniversary: You already have 5 kids together & hate the thought of having sex.
  • 6th Anniversary: You find yourself a Mistress.

  • First Date: You get terrific head.
  • Second Date: You get even more great head.
  • Third Date: You tell her you'll marry her and never get head again.

  • First date: You get to buy her an expensive dinner but nothing happens.
  • Second date: You buy her an even more expensive dinner. Nothing happens again.
  • Third date: You don't even get to the third date and you've already realized nothing is ever going to happen.

  • First date: Meet her parents.
  • Second date: Set the date of the wedding.
  • Third date: Wedding night.

  • First Date: You get to buy her a real expensive dinner.
  • Second Date: You get to buy her and her girlfriends a real expensive dinner.
  • Third Date: You get to pay her rent.
  • Tenth Date: She's pregnant by someone other than you.

  • First Date: You buy her an expensive dinner, get drunk on Tequila, and have sex in the back of her car.
  • Second Date: She's pregnant.
  • Third Date: She moves in. One week later, her mother, father, his girlfriend, her two sisters, her brother, all of their kids, her grandma, her father's girlfriend's mother, her two cousins, her sister's Boyfriend and his three kids move in and you live on rice and beans for the rest of your life in your home that used to be nice, but now looks like a home along the Tijuana strip.

  • First Date: Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Friends and entire arab community finds out.
  • Second Date: You are shot dead.
  • No third date.

Another man's picture?

After a long night of making love, the guy notices a photo of another man on the woman's nightstand by the bed. He begins to worry. "Is this your husband?" He nervously asks. "No, silly, "She replies, snuggling up to him. "Your boyfriend, then?" He continues. "No, not at all," She says, nibbling away at his ear. "Is it your dad or your brother?" He inquires, hoping to be reassured. "No, no, no! You are so hot when you're jealous!" She answers. "Well, who in the heck is he, then?" He demands. She whispers in his ear "That's me before the surgery."

*hahaha! its really funny. Tercabut perut sebab gelak. >.<" Nseb bek ade spare perut. Kalo tak, huhu. Jahanam! Haish! Its really funny anyway. Just, be open minded for all of these. okey guys? Haha! =p

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