Top ARTIST in my life.

Hmm. Bored. Got nothing to do right now. So, im going to post something that, umm.. Nothing fun act. Haha! So, maybe u guys can just ignore this post. LOL. Here are and were my fav LIFETIME ARTIST for these past 2month i think. Haha! Thats the only time i can possibly think of right now. =p. Hehe. Here they are:

Yeah, that's them. Their voice, it just.. BOOM!! Haha! for me act. LOL. In the moment, i feel in love and somehow attract with their song entitled,

  1. David Cook - Always be my baby & Come back to me.
  2. Hayley Williams - Decode & Thats what you get.
  3. Chris Daughtry - No Suprise & Home.
  4. Katy Perry - Thinking of you. (thats the only one. Haha!)

Btw, all this song are here in my blog. LOL. Layan beb! Haha! =p.

*Hehe. Thats all. Saje je buhsan2. REALLY BORED RIGHT NOW!! haha! btw, try and listen to all these song i mentioned. You'll hypnotize. (thats the right spelling ekh? huhu). Especially Always be my baby. Hey!! thats a good song for those who in love. Maybe? Haha! and yeah, for this particular moment, they are the best of all. c(=

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