Clickable Mouse Wheel

Hmm. I dont know that anyone already know this. I know this because my older bro told me last 2month. Haha! so, i think i should share it with ya guys. So, do your mouse have the Wheel? Hmm, the middle part between the left and right click? Yeah!! that Wheel. Hmm, i dont really know the other use of it except for rolling upwards and downward. LOL. So, in the last 2 month, my bro told me that it can be used in a browser to open a new tab. So, that the other use of it. Haha! Instead of using right-click and click on "Open in the new tab", u can easily do that with a single-click of that roller. It save ur time and much conveniently .Haha! (is that the right word to describe it? Ah well~ Haha!) So, that all for today PC facts. LOL.

*for those who already know it, just SHUT UR ****ING **MN MOUTH OUT OF HERE!! Haha!! for those who dont know, there u go. New thing to learn. Hehe. Btw, i only try it out at Mozilla Firefox. Huhu.


diba laa.. said...

da busan sgt ke..
2 laa..
aku soh cite pasal aku xnk..
nk gak cite pasal mouse..

16-EiGht-46 said...

erk, tak baek mnpu d0wh..
kal0 ak cite pasal k0, ak kne tpu yg k0 ni baek, chumil, nice n sume..
mak ak tak ajar ak mnpu..
hahaha!! ;p

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