8 Movies

Just download some hilarious and dance movies. Just watched 7 of them just now. Haha! Funny, really funny. Here the list of that 8 movies. (btw, u need to be above 18 to watch some of these movies. LOL. i'll make the name of that 18 movies in red. haha!)

Bring It On To The Finish (U)

Its just like a cheer group thingy. Hmm. Cant really tell much bout this movie. Haha! Here, click this to know more at IMDB.Com. ;)

Center Stage: Turn It Up (U)

This movie was about one girl that really want to be inside this popular and famous ballet school in town since she's like 10y/o. She train, w/o teacher and w/o a support from her dad. She learn ballet by using CD's and DVD's. But, when she go to the audition, she cant get in because of her lack in experience. LOL. I think. Haha! Then.. u guys should watch this. ;) Click HERE for more info bout this movie.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (18SX)

This movie? HILARIOUS!! haha!! although it was 18SX. LOL. It about 2 best friend getting hungry and want something special to eat. Then, there's an ads about a burger at The White Castle. Then, thats the start of their adventure. Haha! there's a lot of obstacle before they reach there. For more info, Click HERE. ;)

Balls Out- The Gary Houseman Story (18SX)

Hmm. This movie is about a person who really love tennis to much. Hmm. How to explain this movie. He has a really sux life before he meet his very good coach when he was a janitor in this one school that their reputation of tennis really WTF?! something like that. But, everything change when he become the tennis coach assistant. Haha! its funny too. ;p. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Role Models (18SX)

Ok. Bout this movie. Hmm. Here a little bit info bout this movie. Its about a guy, hmm, 2 guys work together as a can drink seller from one school to another. Till one day, that white t-shirt guys (as seen at the poster) mess up everything. They got 2 choice, either go to jail for 30days or make a child-parents service for 150hours. Hmm. Something like taking care of a child when their parents busy doing their job. Haha! its funny though when they first meet these children and want to know each other. LOL. Better watch it guys. ;). Click HERE for more info bout this movie.

Sex Drive (18SX)

This movie was about a guy who doesnt have any girlfriend till his 18y/o. His the only virgin guy he know from all his age. Then, he know a girl from the internet. Then, he want to meet this Net Girl. So, thats the begin of their journey. Its like Harold and Kumar series. A lot of obstacle before they get what they want. But, in this movie, what he need was totally different at the end. Haha!! Click here for more INFO. ;)

The Accidental Husband (U)

This movie was about a women who was a LOVE doctor. She advice people on their relationship. and, she accidentally made 1 couple who about to get married the next week called off their wedding day. So, this man (on the left from the poster), want to make this women taste her own medicine for what she has done to him. So, he change this women profile to a married women. Though she not married to anyone yet. The day of accidental marriage goes on till they really at last, fall in love with each other. For the whole story, watch it for ya self. ;p. For more info, CLICK HERE.

College (Unknown)

I didnt watch this movie yet. Haha!! As far as i know, its a bout a 3 high school boy pretend to be a college student and in one of the college. They want to try out college life. Hmm. Something like that i think. Click here for more info then. Haha!! ;p

*btw, all these 18SX movies was not like the way u think. If thats the way, maybe i'll label it as a porno~. Haha!! but, its not like that kind of movie. Its just kissing, hugging and make out. Hmm. I guess so. OPEN MINDED PEOPLE PLEASE!! Haha!! Thats all i can say bout all the 18SX movies. LOL.


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jie, gne ares ek?

16-EiGht-46 said...

hhahaa!! jgn nk gune ares la. da ketinggalan ar pkai ares. haha!! kan ak da ajar pkai torrent. download gune torrent la. laju sket dr pkai ares tuh. hahaha!!

mvp_dina13 said...


kt ne nk dwnload tu???
cm biese je an..
frm intrnt ek??

16-EiGht-46 said...

adoila. download, mmg la dr intenet. ade ke dr tmpat laen nk download?? adoila. k0 g kt post ak y pasal torrent tuh. ;)

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