Leave the house at 2.30PM to watch this movie with my friend, lan, dba, yana, izzati, nou, intan and nou BF. Movie start at 4.10PM. Arrive at Dataran Pahlawan at 3.30PM. Buy tickets. and inside the cinema, i was wondering, isnt it a fasting month? hmm. thats question came to mind when suddenly there's a person in front of me and he was eating?! WTH?! without any worries. *sigh*. i dont know if his a Muslim or what. because, his face look like one. As the movie, my rate is 9/10. Great movie. (btw, im sucks at rating stuff. so, dont blame me if its not satisfying your taste or what so ever. Haha! to me, its awesome!) Open my fasted at Station Kopitiam with pau, epit and orang tua. LOL. we called him that name. and, dont ask me why. Haha!! 8PM-9PM, survey something to wear for Hari Raya. 9PM-9.30PM, waited for bus. 10.30PM, arrived at Melaka Central. 11.30PM, hang out with these people (w/o pau, epit, org tua, nou, yana, intan and nou BF) at some food restaurant, as we call it The Villa Restaurant. LOL. dont ask me why again. Haha!! arrive home at 12.10PM. ;)

*although, u might have a little bit hard time to understand the story at the beginning of the story. its still cool. u'll get the whole story when it reach its climax. style. in my opinion , u have to watch this movie. ;)

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