You know what is the ending of my idiotic, crap lappy?? huhu. FORMATTING! huhu. i felt very lucky cause there was a cd, name HirenBoot that can boot miniXP from a cd. fuh! so, that way, i can back up my pic, song, and movies. :) Thank you HirenBoot. hehe. btw, i dont backup all the movies. I backup all the picture and song. not the movie. Cause, my total movie was, estimating of 36GB. Huhu. kinda lazy to transfer it to a 4GB pendrive and transfer to my friend HDD for a while. Haha!! So, the only movie that i backup was, total 6Movies, estimating of 5GB. haha!! anyway, now, im a WINDOWS 7 Ultimate User. LOL.

*haha!! at first.. erk.. mls nk speaking. haha!! mule2 mcm mls je nk format sebab gile syg kat sume document n sume movie dlm nie. tp, die da cam HANJENG sgt, so, nk xnk.. format le juge. haha!! nseb baek leh backup picture. picture tuh gile penting. Sentimental value. LOL. Tp, thank god i can backup some of my data. :). So, i dont have to much loss.


mvp_dina13 said...



terbaik dr ladang!!!

16-EiGht-46 said...

haha. jeles en? ;p

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