WTH?! Damn it!

my lappy done that creepy thing again?! whoa! now im really frustrated. im doing what im done before this, but.. IT NO USE! wth?! now what? try the recovery cd, not working. try to resetting the boot system back to original and still not working. try to resolve using windows troubleshooting. damn! still no use. WTH happening anyway? windows crash? hmm. Any idea how to do it guys? please give me some idea's how. PLEASE?! >.<

*and yeah, please dont say formatting. cause, that will be my final choice. damn it! i dont backup anything yet. huwaaaaaaa!! :(


mvp_dina13 said...


sesugguh ny tuhan 2 maha pgasih terhadap hamba2 ny!

16-EiGht-46 said...

haha. ye la tuh. AMIN! :)

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