Lappy Booting Problem

Hmm. dont know what to said. whats really matter was, i cant boot up my lappy. cam haram! :(. The last thing i remembered, that i do with my lappy was i transferred 4 English Movies from my friend and play some games. While playing that game, there was some serious, ultra, ultimate, extravaganza hanging and lagging. So, i decided to reboot my lappy. The next thing, Walaa! i cant go into log in screen at all! SUX! Its once happened to my lappy. but then, after a few hours and vista troubleshooting, it seems to be fine. i thought it will be the same for the second time. but, it didnt work. NOT AT ALL! that start my worries. Everytime i boot, here whats come out,

(SUX! Totally SUX!)

i really cant find any solution. try google-ing to find one. YES! found one. but, it need my recovery DVD that i dont know where i put that idiot DVD. I really frustrated when i need something and i cant find that thing. man! you know how it feels right? *sigh*. so, then, i try search for the recovery disc at google. YES! found. burn. and, cant resolve this BODO thing again. then, i almost gave up until i search again and found some video about resetting our booting to normal using CMD. whoa! what a relieve. i tried that, and guess what? IT WORK! :) Thank you ALLAH very much! ALHAMDULLILAH! i really~ really grateful to HIM cause made my lappy back to itself. LOL. :) and yeah, one more thing, i really scared to shutdown my lappy now. haha!! i dont want the same thing happened, EVER AGAIN!

*i thought, i need to format my lappy. but then i realized that, when there a problem, there must be a solution to it. so, formatting my lappy will be my last choices. :). i really dont want to lose my precious, delightful, memorible picture and video with my friend, family and You-Know-Who. :) THANK YOU ALLAH! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! (^^)

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