Movie - Lighting Thief

So, wednesday will be a movie day. right? but hell! i had to paid rm10 per ticket?! ades. gilak. xpe, let it be. the movie worth to be watch anyway. :) Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. Cool movie. It's a bit like Harry Potter, but in this case, it's about god, human race and a demigod. We'll see the review. ;p and yeah, i rate it 9/10. Quite a nice story although this Percy Jackson only use it's power once a while. *sigh*

Percy Jackson and Olympians
The Lighting Thief.

Synopsis: God, human and demigod. God married a human being and from there, it create a successor of half human and half god. Called, Demigod. There's hundred of Demigod in earth that is different from any human. They can manipulate their ancestor (the parents) power, have a really strong instinct and others god characteristic. So, god.. Zeus (the god of lighting), Poseidon (the god of water) and Hades (the god of fire). Zeus lighting bolt has been found missing. Poseidon son was accused as the thief of that lighting. Many others creature want to get hold of that lighting cause that lighting was the greatest invention of power and weapon. So... i really hate to make up a synopsis. WATCH IT! ;p

*nice movie. best. haha! like usual, dont really trust me on this. My "BEST" could be the "WORST" for ya guys. ;p

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