Song - Declaration & Lie

whoa! just listened to this 2 great song from David Cook. I've heard Permanent, Come Back to Me, The Time of My Life, his first song, Light On.. and everything was fascinating. Permanent and this Lie song of his were really MEANINGFUL! wow!! in Japanese, it should be, SUGOII DES NEH!! huhu. If you really read and understand the lyrics, you'll understand why i said so. LOL. or is it just me? Haha!! So, download the song from if you want. (thats pirated of course). or buy the songs from iTunes. (cant really afford a song with $4. im in Malaysia! 4x3=$12 per song! haih!) so, at the moment, maybe i should listen the song from the copies made by fans. lol.

*ape kate k0rang dengar lagu nie. bagi ak, bes. tak taw la bagi k0rang. haha!! sebab, each and every person in this whole wide world have a different attraction to the type @ genre for each music. so, you decide whether the song is good or not. :) for me, MARVELOUS! ;p

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