Movie - PS I Love You

Because of im alone, at my very own house. Got nothing to do. So, i do spent my time watching all the movie i had downloaded about, 2month ago i guess. Haha!! so, PS I Love You. Cool, Funny and Romantic movie. huhu. 8/10! (lol, dont ever trust my rating. haha!!) It was really nice movie to me. Others? Do i really care? haha!!

PS I Love You

Synopsis: Heh. i really dont know how to write one. But, here goes nothing! The film start with Gerry (Gerard Butler) married with Holly (Hilary Swank). They married and dont have any kids. After the day that they want to "make" one, Gerry die cause of brain tumor. Before he died, he already set up a very romantic thing for his wife, Holly on her 30th Birthday. Nice. LoL. For more, watch the movie will ya? :) Ok2, go HERE for more details. huhu.

*nice. funny. interesting. You really want to know what was that romantic thing that Gerry set up for his wife right? heh. watch it. Although, there will be a part that they just talk, talk and talk. that part, BORING~ haha!! and there was a part that they .... hmm. Nvm, just watch it ok? :)


mvp_dina13 said...


bkn dh lme ke cite ni?

16-EiGht-46 said...

ehh?? hahaha!! ak rase cite ni mcm baru je. lol. walau ape pon, cite ni tetap bes. haha!! lme mne pon cite die. romantika seyhH! :D

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