Always Love You!

I dont care if its Mother's Day or whateva the day it is, the only thing i want to say to you that, I LOVE YOU! no matter what happened, no matter what i did wrong, u always there for me. ALWAYS! Without exception! You're the one that know me better than anyone else. You, you and only you! Sya sgt SAYANG mak sye! More than everything. Mmmuahh pade MAMA! (haih! GAY gile plak entry nie. hmm, pedulik ape ak?!)

*tadik ak g blog cik bella. bace entry die pasal mama ko ratu hatiku tuh. tbe2, mcam sebak semacam je rase. tak taw npe. even.. umm. xde ape la. huhu. wat malu je en kal0 ckp. pandai2 la k0rang pk sndri (haih! luckily im alone) paper pon, sygilah ibu anda seperti mane ibu anda syg anda. Umm, MORE! syg ibu lebeh dr ibu anda syg anda. :)

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