If i'm poor, will you be at my side?
If i need some money, will you lend me some?
If i need a help, will you help me?
If i isn't what i am now, will you be my friend?
If i got sick, will you be worried?
If i'm alone, will you accompany me?
If i got sad, will you cheer me up?
If i'm nowhere to be found, will you find me?
If i say i love you, will you love me back?
If i don't do that, will you still be my friend?


If i do die today, will you miss me?

*what?? its just a think. oi, i cant be alone and down in the same time. this what will i think. =.= adoi. and IF by any chance you ask me this, i'm gonna reply it with 1 big YES for all of that. i will. seriously. somehow, all this IF make me sick and sad. damn, go away dudee! go to someone else and ask for their answer instead of me. sigh~ =___=

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