After a decade.... yeah. Exaggerating.

It's been ages since my last visit here. 2012? Like seriously? 2 years? Ok la. 2 years only maa. Not that long I guess. I just had a thought that I want to continue being a blogger to share stories about my boring life. (isnt that great? blergh) A story that will bring you into your depression just by reading it. *evil laugh* So, let me warn you. Before anything happen to you, ask yourself, should you be here, going into depressing life, or be out there, have fun with your life instead? Your call. What I will write will obviously be my right cause after all, it's APE-APE JE LA blogspot right? It rightfully mine. Enough said. 

Me: Tadaimasu! 
(I'm back!) 

Blog: Okaerinasai. 
(Welcome back)

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