The best part reading past entries

(yeah, the best part is laughing)

So, here are the list.
  • First and foremost, being able to laugh at your own english. Like seriously. My english is super bad. Yes, IS SUPER BAD. I am still sucks at english. Especially grammar. Long way to go eh? (but still, now learning japanese. Hek eleh, english pun terabur, nak belajar jepun konon. Shinei! (go die!))
  • Again, laughing at your old self. Like, do I really look like that in my previous years? Hahaha. But then, I am still now. Right? Forever young. Mana berubah. Jelaous lettew~
  • And yeah, again, laughing at your pathetic self because you threw everything into this bloody hell blog! Ya robbi. Tak sangka. Like seriously. If you read my previous entries, most of them were filled with this emotional thingy. (duhh, I think I will do the same in the future. HAHA) Oh well. I am who I am. Right?
  • Moreover, you will actually laugh out really loud when you imagine back all those memories you have been created with your friends! No jokes! You do! I laughed like seriously hard until someone came and ask, "Are you okay zie? Why are you laughing to yourself, and you seems to have a crystal eyes. Are you crying?" LMAO! NO I'M NOT! Oh okay, maybe yes. Tears of joy. Hoiii, seronok kot baca balik entry before before nie. Think back all of that make everything now seems a lot brighter.

I think thats the end of the list. Not that long laaa. I'm not a writer after all.

*out from the topic. Can you like not giving people hope and at the end, turn them down? Do you know the feeling of being turned down? I think you know. Cause you went through the same thing. Why doing it on others? Takkan revenge kot? Revenge is not the solution der. Forgiving is what you should do. Just don't go around and break people's heart. Okay? I like you. Duhh~ obviously. Kbye. 

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