Let's boycott those products!

Konichiwa mina-san! As what you heard, read and watched, a viral thing that happening now is a boycotting of those Israel products right? YEAH! We rock! Boycott those stuff and let the war stop! Seriously. It will stop as they got no more fund from those company to buy their weapons and ammo, right? So, yeah. Good job guys. Hat off to all of you who actually boycott these products. But wait, products is products. Whats up with the hate of those who work there? Usodaro? They are like you guys as well. A person who make a living by working there. As they work there, they cannot simply choose what they need to sell right? So whats up with the hate? Come on la people. Boycott is where you don't go and buy their stuff. Not hating a person who do a living by selling it. They got no choice. It's their work though. Chillax la bro. Hate the products, not the person who selling it for a living. But then, you can hate the bosses who made a decision to support Israel products. Ok, that one is a big YES for you to hate. Hahaha. Anyhow, boycott the products eh. Not a person.

*my crush work at McDonald's. So, why the hate? Rilek la bro. Diorang kerja sana cari duit makan harian je kot untuk survive. Like what you did also what. Be nice with them. Banyak go viral in facebook and all, that food is still food. You boycott the thing, but someone bought it for you, or McD give away free burgers for all. Go, take and eat. That way, they will lose more as no one is actually buying. They just eat some free food. Deshoo? Food is food. Don't go waste it. Even if you don't want, give it to the homeless people. They need it more than you do. Enough said.

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