(this is how I summarized this 2 years story)

I have been away for quite some time right? 2 years plus I guess. Let me summarize the whole 2 years for you guys out there that have been missing me (yeah right, like anyone would miss you mister). After graduated, I tanam anggur at home for nearly a year. Yeah, a year. Jobless. Was waiting to be called into an University though. But I guess, I'm not good enough for any enrollment. Oh well. Then, after a while, I decided to embark on a journey towards seeing the world, outside Negeri Sembilan je la tapi. Hahaha. So, I applied for a job in Johor and yup, I got that job to cut it short. So, been in Johor Bahru for quite some time now. I think I'm here for almost 3 years dah. So, duduk sini teach me a lot. Bout life, people, surrounding, and all. Oh ye, my job tu is HR. HR as in Human Resource. Bukan Hantu Raya ye. So, memang bapak jaoh dari background aku. I'm an IT student btw. Programming? Kacang jeeeee tu semua. (once upon a time la. sekarang basi. mampuihhh susah. hahaha) To cut the story shorter, I worked in HR field for about 2 years and jump to another job. Job sekarang yang quite relax and chill (tu sebab ada masa update blog. hehe). Rasa macam berada di tepi pantai. But then, orang sekitar la yang harem. Menyusahkan. Luckily I worked once in HR. So, I think I can cope with people. Thank you experience. Daisuki desu! (I love you. Err, ke I like you? confuse) Through these 3 years in JB, I met a lot of nice people. Thank you to HIM sebab bagi me kawan yang nice and awesome! Kami-sama, arigato ghozaimasu! (Ya Allah, TERIMA KASIH!) And thats it! Past is past. Now is now. Future? We will see about that. Until next time. Sayonara! (goodbye!)

(left: masa kat kl. conference with people from around asia)
(right: photoshoot raya HR. Gigih kan? xD)

(left: berbuka puasa HR. sambil sambut bufday)
(right: BBQ with the team building team)

(tiba tiba gambar nie. aku pun tak paham kenapa. haha)

*aku tak tau kenapa entry aku sekarang in english. poyo melampau tak? eyuw~ please la zie. tak payah nak speaking sangat. english dah la terabur. eh hello~ bm aku pun terabur jugak terr beerrr adoi. sama je english ke bm ke. still terabur. ibarat menabur jagung di tepi parit yang takkan tumbuh. kfine. takda kene mengena. LAME! either way, on the side note, out from this topic, i like you. i love you. and i hate you being your old enemies. be you. just you. blerghhh sempat lagi selitkan benda alah nie. mmkay bye!

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