Google Chrome

I been working out on something when suddenly my internet went out. AND yeah, I'm at work. After changing to a new vendor, internet here getting sucks sharks each day. Oh well. Then, I came across this cute little dinosaur on my web browser page. It's the Google Chrome game! So I thought to myself, why not. Nothing to do tho. And here is the results of it.

Yeah I know. That bird sharks. Cause of you birdie, I lost the game and internet was up. So, why should I play that game anymore? And here I am. I know right, lame post. So whats the point of this post anyway? Even something is taken away from you, something else will be replaced. Something good. Be positive, always. (wtf dude. lame~)

*actually I'm suppose to update about movies that I watched recently eh? Too lazy to find the image from google and all. So, yeah. Yeah yeah.. I know. Lame reason, again. Will do lah later. Relax la bro. It's not that I'm going to leave this blog unattended for one more year anymore. I guess... maybe. Kbye!

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