Why lah.. why?

I want to play this one game. For free in April end they said. But now, only going to be free in May. What kind of wizardry iz thizz? Why you do this? Whyyyyy... whyyyy...

(when I saw the date changed from April to May)

So looking forward to play tho. 
Then this happen. 
Punahhhh retak seribu, remuk hati ku.

*btw, actually was going to review some movies that I watched sometime back. Will do later lah. Lazy to review. Haha silly movies anyway. Kiddo type of movie. So it's gonna be lame. Anyhow~ kinda looking forward for the upcoming The Avengers. But then, I don't think I'm going to watch it on cinema. You know.. This is Malaysia, tooooo many cut scenes. Going to wait for the HD version to download I guess. Hihihi. And looking forward for Now You See Me 2. Gonna be awesome that one. Woohoooo~ Ok now, back to work (I mean game). See ya!

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