IMHO: Traffic lights

Hey bloggers,

Let's talk about sex or love today. Oh wait. No. There is more serious matter to talk about. Traffic lights you dumb piece of *censored*! How can traffic lights be a better topic nowadays? Oh yeah, before we start, I just started this because I just want my blog post to increase by one and stating that I'm still alive out here, breathing so fine that I can suck the whole oxygen just for myself. Rather than being so selfish, I instead share it out with all of you. Cut this bull'tahi' and lets get down to the topic. And again, nothing serious here, and no offense.

By the way, why do I even care about traffic lights? Trust me, no people in this world (I'm pretty much 100% sure) never break the rules by abiding laws and rammed on that red lights. No? Trust me, you did it too right readers? Just admit it already you human! In fact, WE ALL DO! I've done it so many times and yeah, got caught and got fine ticket for it once as well. Well, first of all, THERE WAS NO *censored* VEHICLES ON THE MOTHER *censored* ROAD! Brahhh, traffic lights are there for a reason. Mainly, to control traffics. And, I hate a traffic lights where there is no vehicles sensor. And anddddd you have to wait there for like what, 5-10 minutes? With no car around ya? Brilliant! Traffic lights only guide you while there are cars moving around boundlessly. THEY GUIDE YOU, NOT CONTROL YOU. 

(so, does it means that if you see this sign over here, 
you will pee there just because it is green 
and it means go? On the side road? Will you?)

Use your head to think and be brilliant for just at least ONE TIME. You *censored*  piles of *censored*. *censored* you! This is the end! I'm going to pee on the side road while no one is around! Eh wait, what? The hell? I'm so out of here. Blerghhh

*Hahaha! No, seriously. I'm not mad at all at just one fine ticket that I once got. It just that, just think for a moment and do think using your head instead of machine controlling you. Come on guys. Either way, just my HUMBLE opinion though. Not that I'm anti it or anything. Oh yeah, nowadays, even gunshots happened at traffic lights. How safe is that? And, with no cars around at night, you have to wait for traffic lights to turn green? How safe is that? What happen when someone come and break your car window or shoot you or... or.. or... what ever it is. It's night time. And no one around. Everything is possible. Nowadays, people is ghost. Even ghost is afraid of humans nowadays. Haha just saying tho. I still afraid of ghost. Hahahaha till next time! xoxo kbye.

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