IMHO: What a joke

Hello reader/s (I expect to have more than 1 reader... I hope)

Whats up with your daily life and any updates on life? Here is mine. So today, I was so free that I can't do nothing but scrolling down my Facebook timeline. Yes, I WAS free. Then, I saw this one post. Click here to read.

After reading that, my first and only impression was...

You know why? Because, with this kind of attitude, do you really think that we can advance to a big metropolitan country like Japan? Their way of life? How they treat other? How their discipline on everything? Alaa.. not that far, Singapore is enough.

"apa? tissue? tak pernah ada orang buat report buang sampah merata.." - shame on you man.

OK. Tissue maybe small and can be easily be blown away by wind or wet and decomposed or what so ever, but let say we got like 100k of people doing the same thing, what do you think is going to happen?

Oh well. Just saying tho. No hard feelings.

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