Escalator etiquette

Hello guys!

Good day to all! I'm proud to present, ESCALATOR F-KING ETIQUETTE! Come on, if you want our country to grow into a big advance country, please, please, please change the way you think. Come on, its not that hard you know. Just a simple think about others and we will be just fine. Nak "jual ikan" pergi pasar!

Simple etiquette that we should follow for example in certain country like Australia and Singapore to name a few. It's simple. Just stand on your left, and those who want to walk on escalator should be on your right hand side. Oh and in some country, they will stand right and walk on left side of the escalator. Still a same concept though. How hard can it be? Simple as ABC. If you can't even do this and practice this in your daily life, that show how low is your IQ. Just saying. No offense. If you are being offended, I guess its true? Gosh Malaysians. And then start being loud, "Why la malaysia not maju like Japan?" "Why la Singapore maju?" Why la here why la that. Your attitude can't even reach the attitude of Japanese people. Go there and study how discipline they are before you compare it with Malaysians. Sad but true story.

*not that I'm saying that I don't like being here (even though some of me think of that), its just that, come on people, just dicipline yourself for this small thing and we should be fine. Like queing for boarding a train, mrt, buses.. anything. Malaysians have this habit of cutting queue. Dah la lambat, lepas tu potong barisan orang yang dah tunggu lama. Otak cetek! Orang lain pun beratur apa! Oh well. If you don't want to be late, just be early lah. Dah la lambat, lepas tu menyusahkan orang. See lah. Nak maju konon! Mati matiii matiiiii. Hahaha terlebih emosi. See you! xoxo.

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