Flow of time

Hey guys!

Long time no see you guys. Basically, we never even see each other. But well, let it go will ya. I got nothing to say, got nothing to blabber about, nothing to show, nothing to share, no new movie that I watched recently and that make me kinda a boring person. So, lets just talk about my past few days encountered. No picture no nothing! Just words. Bear with it!

So, I met a friend of mine last few days, a long lost friend. Not that lost, just long time no see friend kind of thing. So we were talking to each other about what are doing now, how is life treating us, what kind of people we meet and all. Then, we came to one point when we talked about girl. OK, he was romeo during college days, and when I said the same thing last week, he just stop me and said, "I have changed man". And I was like, hold on man. Like seriously? No way! You will always be you, no? Haha and he said, nope. He's going to get married next year. Yes, I was there, stunned, struck by Pikachu thunderbolt! Who would have guessed he will get married a last. Hey, good news buddy! Congrats! Hope everything will went well and you are going to have a happy life. Another friend of mine also going to get engage soon. Hey bud, hope everything is going to be just fine and you too, have a great life ahead as a leader of a family you have choose to be with. I'm just happy to be one of your friend to celebrate one of your awesome days in life.

Truth is, it's kinda sad. Guess there will be kinda hard for us to meet up and have holiday or spend some time together like we used to do back then. But hey, everyone have their own life. Bro will always be bro, yes? Haha *bump fist*

*to both of you, have a good life ahead. Hope everything will be just fine and you guys will be the best husband your wife can get (i bet they are lucky to get you both). Family first and bro come second after this okay. Haha high five and, see you on your wedding day. Or maybe, bachelor party? Hahaha don't forget to invite me guys! See ya, till next time fellas. xoxo kbye

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