Power Rangers

Hello guys!

How are you guys after a long break from reading my very boring blog? Hope your eyes and heart are ready to its content to read my entry once again. lol. Anyway, I WATCHED POWER RANGERS! Go go power rangers~ dan dannn dannggg. (that is a song!) So, power rangers was really something back to my old days. And yeah, who doesn't want to be power rangers? Everyone do! While everyone were busy fighting over being the leader, red power rangers, I just sit back and enjoy being green power rangers. Yes, cause it's my favorite color. Haha until white rangers came in! Duh~ everyone want to be the cool white rangers. EVEN ME! Bye green. Even tho I like you a lot. Back to the story, Power Rangers is epic man. Especially when they ride those zords and combine into Mamazords Megazords! For those who watch power rangers before, should definitely watch this one.

So, stars right? 
I guess, from 5, I would give 5. 
Pack with awesome high tech shit!

Trust me. 
Massive spoiler.
(i think it is)

*first, don't leave the cinema yet when the movie is finished. Sit till the end of the credits. You wont regret it. Hehe. And they were saying thats there is a gay moment in it and cant make it into Malaysia? Here some spoiler, yellow ranger is lesbian. Thats all. But no obscene scenes of course. Deyy. Plus, they even cut some scene in the movie. I don't what scene but I can see some in the middle of the movie. I guess I need to watch it again online then. By the way, it was a nice movie night even though I get tired the next day by not getting enough sleep. Which, I am everyday. Haha hey guys, the opening of the movie might be a little bit boring. But once they found out that they are the power rangers, thats where the exciting part come in. Don't rush the show. Enjoy it while stock last! And yes, I'm being annoying again. Go, watch it and enjoy! See you guys till then. Mmmkaybai.

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