Watoto; Children

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Today is another, fine lovely day. But, the only different is, its truly a wonderful day. This morning, there was this event happening at my workplace where a group of African choir team will be performing a live choir with christian song. I just happened to be part of it as I need to record the whole performance. As reluctant as I go, hearing a CHOIR is going to happen, I'm quite surprised for this choir from Africa. They called themselves, Watoto; children. They came from Uganda, Africa. The stage setup was not like a choir setup, at all. Then I heard from a friend of mine that the performance was awesome. Then when everything was ready to go, they started and I stunned. IT WAS GOOD! In fact, like my friend said, awesome performance.

(the opening song. not sure about the title of that song tho)

But before we go any further, Watoto, this group of people is an orphan. They lost their mom and dad. Some of them were left at the market when they were born. Some parents took them to a market or a playground and left them there. But they found themselves a new family to be with and to have fun with. The story bring tears to the audience (not. i just made that up) So they start singing, dancing, shouting, clapping, hopping. It's like a real, live concert. It was nice and I'm glad I was asked to take the video of the performance. Here some other song that they performed.


Then after everything has ended, one of my supervisor came to me and we had a talk. About the Watoto group. He said, you know that they are all orphan? And I nodded. If you know that, now, don't you think we are blessed? They don't have parents like we do from the day they born and some were being left in the middle of nowhere. Even so, they never lose hope and keep faith. And I nodded again.

*moral of the story, be grateful of what you have and don't take things for granted. You never know for some people, they really want to have what you have so long they can feel loved. If you think you are unlucky and unfortunate, think again. Somewhere out there, in this small little work, more people than you can ever imagine are more unfortunate than you. They need to go through hell. Just sit, and think again. Peace yo no war. mmkaybai.

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