Thank you

Hey all,

I HAVE  NOT DIE YET! Hahahaha. As usual that will be my first word after a while since my last visit to my own blog. So story cut short, a voice came to my ear whispering... "visit your blog man". Yes, I made that up. When I went into the link, most of my layout image were haywire! I can't think much so I made a up my mind to change my layout and wallah! Here it is. So easy nowadays. No need to edit HTML at all. Upload edit here and there a bit then you are good to go. Even a zero knowledge of HTML person can do it. Be grateful! Thank you web developer who made this layout for free for idiotic guys like me to use. Gahh! By the way, I got my layout here at You can find yours also here. I just like a simplest one to begin with. No hectic no drama. Either way, welcome to the new Ape-Ape Je La page!

*thank you for your time reading and keep on coming to my useless blog. I keep in mind now to keep it updated regularly as I can now. The truth is, I don't know what to update. My life are so boring that it keep on repeating the same thing again and again till you puke spinning in my life. If I do have some tweaks in my life, some turns, I will update it all here okay. Hugs! Mmkay bai.

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