Kids nowadays

Hey all,

Whats up! Just wanna share a bit of a story that I experienced two days ago. I can't really update it ass as soon as possible you know as I got my own boring life to handle. So, when I was on my way going back to work, I basically take public transport back home, cheaper. You know how absurd the market value for gas nowadays. Then, back to the story, when I'm in MRT, I saw these three little innocent kids, I'm guessing they are around Primary 2 or 3. Just a guess though. Story cut short, suddenly, one of them cursed his friend. Ehem, let me mimic, "You are just lame at any games man! Such an @!$hole. Any games that you play also you are totally sux at it. Talking lame about how good you are. Stupid mother@#$%!" 

(exact me when I heard it)

Yeap! Every sentence is true. I still can remember those sentence after two days. Meaning, it's quite a horrible experience I must say. I don't know what happened with kids nowadays. Too expose to the digital world with no boundaries? I don't know. But, please for parents, I know you are busy with work related stuff. But hey, why do you give birth to a child if you don't want to nourish them? Always with maids? Worse things, maid know your child better than you do. I'm not saying that you are not a good parents (no you really are a bad parents!), but for future sake, monitor your children.

I'm not married, I don't have a child, but, I do have nieces. If they behave something like this, confirm, at any place, any time, sure kena scold by me. 

*I'm not that good too. Yes, I do use all those bad words too sometimes with close friends. But, at that age, using that words... I can't brain. Be a good kiddo and learn some good words. Why must you use such words at public places and said it out loud like that. I guess most of the public transport user don't even care as they are all attached to their headphone and earpiece. What does the elderly think of kids nowadays when they hear all of this. What a shame. Oh well. Just me mumbling nonsense again. Up to you guys to take action. Have fun in life and dream big! mmkaybai.

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