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Good day to all bloggers!

Hishashiburi! Today I'm gonna ramble something a bit personal, but it doesnt really matter much as you don't much about me anyway. If you do know, just keep it to yourself lah! Tak payah nak jadi joyah sangat cerita sana sini. Hahaha and in case you don't know, don't bother asking, I won't answer. Everyone have their own crush right? So do I! And people will always say, you can't have them unless your are dreaming. And I really did! Hahaha Oh gosh. Anyhow, I'm really bad at telling stories, but here goes! And another thing, I will gabung both Malay and English this time. I'm so bad at English. Faham faham lah.

I was on my way home and as usual, there nothing much you can do in a bus except sleeping till you reach your destination or playing with your phone. So I, decided untuk play with my phone and hooked up with Instagram scrolling all semi naked pictures, selfies, wefies, cats, food etc. Then, I pun clicked insta story. Lepas tu I saw a post from my beloved crush about giving away a present that I bought one time. I was like, okay... nevermind, I wouldn't care much, NOT! I do care actually. Kenapaaa kenapaaa kenapaaaaa? No, why must you decided that. I is sad. OK, lets get back to the story. Story cut short, I went to a gym, had my dinner, play with my cats (or else they wont stop playing and disturbing my sleep!) and I decided to sleep early as I was exhausted. Redah hujan macam redah hujan batu! Then masa ni lah that dream begun! Btw I'm still blushing till now. Oh gosh. What kind of dream man!

(this is literally me, one whole day, maybe whole week!)

I woke up in a dream where I tengah attend my crush party, I guess it is, I dont know. Maybe dia punya abang akak punya wedding. I don't know. The thing that I know, there were a lot of people back then and dia tengah makan with the familia. I brought a friend of mine kengkonon nak buat dia jealous, and guess what I think it worked! Hahaha oh god. Mimpi bebukan.. teruk no. Then I pun kenalkan lah my friend tu like playing jokes la. Apa entah jokes dia aku tak ingat. The thing that I remember that both of us laughed tapi dia laughed macam terpaksa. I was like, ok.. why you laughed like that. And we continue talking until I remembered that insta story! So I pun tanya, "Eh, tengok kat Insta kata nak jual that present I gave, kenapa?" Haaa, masa ni, dia invite pergi bilik dia tengok barang tersebut. Dia macam koleksi la. One of the collection adalah present yang aku bagi! Buat hal dia ni... buat hal. So pergi la bilik dia tengok all the items. In the room, which was not locked, obviously, kami bual-bual as a normal friend until dia go and take a collection of dia punya items lah. So again I asked, kenapa nak jual? Dia cakap macam tak sesuai bila dia pakai that thing. So I decided to take it and pakaikan kat dia. We caught each others eyes and here where the real fantasy come in. We actually buat macam dalam movie movie tu, stare each other eyes, rapat, makin rapat, then our lips actually meet! Oh gosh! Malu nya cerita kat sini. Tapi nak cerita jugak. Sebab, one day when I come back to this blog and read this I surely will laugh out loud, rolling on the floor and eventually my eyes will pop out. Hahaha after that kissed, we stay for a while and chit chat until at one point member aku call ajak makan. So I went out makan then carik dia balik tapi dia keluar hantar parents dia going to somewhere I don't even know.

Thats the end. Sebab, lepas tu, I woke up from sleep because Momo, my cat decided to jump on me while he was playing around dengan Yuuki, his younger sister. That moment I tengok jam and I realized masih lagi awal for me to wake up for work and trying so hard to continue my mimpi where I left. Hahaha

 (I was like, dream, please continue!)

*thats all folks. macam crita mat salleh tak? saja cerita kat sini sebenarnya as in I don't have a personal diary and I don't know nak tulis kat mana so that one day, after many years in the future I will come back sini to read all this nonsense and laugh back at myself. Best feeling ever. Korang should try it sometimes. Best memory is when you can laugh at it in the future. Btw, hint to myself, crush ni is the one yang you gave Black & White wearable item. Hahaha dah 10 20 tahun, aku sendiri mesti tak ingat dah kan. Baik remind myself before I forgot. Kahkahkah! See  ya all around folks! mmkaybai!

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