Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm hot as hell!

Thing I will do after a long run and after gym session inside locker room will be like..

(I know I know. He is hot as me.) 
(Oh well. He's my anime side after all, in blonde.)

*i guess i got nothing else to post and im been left this blog alone, again. so, rather than leaving it for another 3 years, i might as well post anything as long as it alive and people know that i'm not dead! i'm alive people!! healthy as ever! yeeehuuuuu!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Racism is a stupid thing. We are Malaysian!

Hi all Malaysian! Take time to check out links provided below. It's an awesome video where you will find how other races stood up for all other races. Nicely done.

*we all malaysian. Proud to be malaysian and malaysia have an unique something that you can't find it anywhere else around the world. Malaysia is malaysia. And just proud to be Malaysian. Di sini lahirnya cinta. Tanah tumpah darahku. Daulat tuanku! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When boring come and bother you

Hello there bloggers! Hisashiburi (Long time no see). How are you guys doing? O genkidesuka (Are you doing fine?) Nahh, just practicing Japanese as I'm currently learning it. Basic Japanese though. Lame me. So, while I was working right, then one of the ICT members told me that she need to teach the kids on how to make a comic. But she can't find any suitable site to do it online as the previous one she used was already been terminated by I also don't know why. So, to kill some time, I help her to search for such website so that she can use it in her class. For that, I stumbled upon this Marvel site where you can create your own comic strip. You can click HERE for the website. Yay! So, I made one. Tarraaaaaa!

*HAHAHA funny how I actually able to do that. I'm soooo addicted to it now. Like, seriously. Addicted for about 2 - 3 hours. Just sit in front of the computer playing around with the website. Putting aside all other jobs. Now I'm got back my sanity, it's time for me to resume to do what I left just now. Have fun playing guys! Until we meet again! See ya!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Let's boycott those products!

Konichiwa mina-san! As what you heard, read and watched, a viral thing that happening now is a boycotting of those Israel products right? YEAH! We rock! Boycott those stuff and let the war stop! Seriously. It will stop as they got no more fund from those company to buy their weapons and ammo, right? So, yeah. Good job guys. Hat off to all of you who actually boycott these products. But wait, products is products. Whats up with the hate of those who work there? Usodaro? They are like you guys as well. A person who make a living by working there. As they work there, they cannot simply choose what they need to sell right? So whats up with the hate? Come on la people. Boycott is where you don't go and buy their stuff. Not hating a person who do a living by selling it. They got no choice. It's their work though. Chillax la bro. Hate the products, not the person who selling it for a living. But then, you can hate the bosses who made a decision to support Israel products. Ok, that one is a big YES for you to hate. Hahaha. Anyhow, boycott the products eh. Not a person.

*my crush work at McDonald's. So, why the hate? Rilek la bro. Diorang kerja sana cari duit makan harian je kot untuk survive. Like what you did also what. Be nice with them. Banyak go viral in facebook and all, that food is still food. You boycott the thing, but someone bought it for you, or McD give away free burgers for all. Go, take and eat. That way, they will lose more as no one is actually buying. They just eat some free food. Deshoo? Food is food. Don't go waste it. Even if you don't want, give it to the homeless people. They need it more than you do. Enough said.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


(this is how I summarized this 2 years story)

I have been away for quite some time right? 2 years plus I guess. Let me summarize the whole 2 years for you guys out there that have been missing me (yeah right, like anyone would miss you mister). After graduated, I tanam anggur at home for nearly a year. Yeah, a year. Jobless. Was waiting to be called into an University though. But I guess, I'm not good enough for any enrollment. Oh well. Then, after a while, I decided to embark on a journey towards seeing the world, outside Negeri Sembilan je la tapi. Hahaha. So, I applied for a job in Johor and yup, I got that job to cut it short. So, been in Johor Bahru for quite some time now. I think I'm here for almost 3 years dah. So, duduk sini teach me a lot. Bout life, people, surrounding, and all. Oh ye, my job tu is HR. HR as in Human Resource. Bukan Hantu Raya ye. So, memang bapak jaoh dari background aku. I'm an IT student btw. Programming? Kacang jeeeee tu semua. (once upon a time la. sekarang basi. mampuihhh susah. hahaha) To cut the story shorter, I worked in HR field for about 2 years and jump to another job. Job sekarang yang quite relax and chill (tu sebab ada masa update blog. hehe). Rasa macam berada di tepi pantai. But then, orang sekitar la yang harem. Menyusahkan. Luckily I worked once in HR. So, I think I can cope with people. Thank you experience. Daisuki desu! (I love you. Err, ke I like you? confuse) Through these 3 years in JB, I met a lot of nice people. Thank you to HIM sebab bagi me kawan yang nice and awesome! Kami-sama, arigato ghozaimasu! (Ya Allah, TERIMA KASIH!) And thats it! Past is past. Now is now. Future? We will see about that. Until next time. Sayonara! (goodbye!)

(left: masa kat kl. conference with people from around asia)
(right: photoshoot raya HR. Gigih kan? xD)

(left: berbuka puasa HR. sambil sambut bufday)
(right: BBQ with the team building team)

(tiba tiba gambar nie. aku pun tak paham kenapa. haha)

*aku tak tau kenapa entry aku sekarang in english. poyo melampau tak? eyuw~ please la zie. tak payah nak speaking sangat. english dah la terabur. eh hello~ bm aku pun terabur jugak terr beerrr adoi. sama je english ke bm ke. still terabur. ibarat menabur jagung di tepi parit yang takkan tumbuh. kfine. takda kene mengena. LAME! either way, on the side note, out from this topic, i like you. i love you. and i hate you being your old enemies. be you. just you. blerghhh sempat lagi selitkan benda alah nie. mmkay bye!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The best part reading past entries

(yeah, the best part is laughing)

So, here are the list.
  • First and foremost, being able to laugh at your own english. Like seriously. My english is super bad. Yes, IS SUPER BAD. I am still sucks at english. Especially grammar. Long way to go eh? (but still, now learning japanese. Hek eleh, english pun terabur, nak belajar jepun konon. Shinei! (go die!))
  • Again, laughing at your old self. Like, do I really look like that in my previous years? Hahaha. But then, I am still now. Right? Forever young. Mana berubah. Jelaous lettew~
  • And yeah, again, laughing at your pathetic self because you threw everything into this bloody hell blog! Ya robbi. Tak sangka. Like seriously. If you read my previous entries, most of them were filled with this emotional thingy. (duhh, I think I will do the same in the future. HAHA) Oh well. I am who I am. Right?
  • Moreover, you will actually laugh out really loud when you imagine back all those memories you have been created with your friends! No jokes! You do! I laughed like seriously hard until someone came and ask, "Are you okay zie? Why are you laughing to yourself, and you seems to have a crystal eyes. Are you crying?" LMAO! NO I'M NOT! Oh okay, maybe yes. Tears of joy. Hoiii, seronok kot baca balik entry before before nie. Think back all of that make everything now seems a lot brighter.

I think thats the end of the list. Not that long laaa. I'm not a writer after all.

*out from the topic. Can you like not giving people hope and at the end, turn them down? Do you know the feeling of being turned down? I think you know. Cause you went through the same thing. Why doing it on others? Takkan revenge kot? Revenge is not the solution der. Forgiving is what you should do. Just don't go around and break people's heart. Okay? I like you. Duhh~ obviously. Kbye. 

After a decade.... yeah. Exaggerating.

It's been ages since my last visit here. 2012? Like seriously? 2 years? Ok la. 2 years only maa. Not that long I guess. I just had a thought that I want to continue being a blogger to share stories about my boring life. (isnt that great? blergh) A story that will bring you into your depression just by reading it. *evil laugh* So, let me warn you. Before anything happen to you, ask yourself, should you be here, going into depressing life, or be out there, have fun with your life instead? Your call. What I will write will obviously be my right cause after all, it's APE-APE JE LA blogspot right? It rightfully mine. Enough said. 

Me: Tadaimasu! 
(I'm back!) 

Blog: Okaerinasai. 
(Welcome back)

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