Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Power Rangers

Hello guys!

How are you guys after a long break from reading my very boring blog? Hope your eyes and heart are ready to its content to read my entry once again. lol. Anyway, I WATCHED POWER RANGERS! Go go power rangers~ dan dannn dannggg. (that is a song!) So, power rangers was really something back to my old days. And yeah, who doesn't want to be power rangers? Everyone do! While everyone were busy fighting over being the leader, red power rangers, I just sit back and enjoy being green power rangers. Yes, cause it's my favorite color. Haha until white rangers came in! Duh~ everyone want to be the cool white rangers. EVEN ME! Bye green. Even tho I like you a lot. Back to the story, Power Rangers is epic man. Especially when they ride those zords and combine into Mamazords Megazords! For those who watch power rangers before, should definitely watch this one.

So, stars right? 
I guess, from 5, I would give 5. 
Pack with awesome high tech shit!

Trust me. 
Massive spoiler.
(i think it is)

*first, don't leave the cinema yet when the movie is finished. Sit till the end of the credits. You wont regret it. Hehe. And they were saying thats there is a gay moment in it and cant make it into Malaysia? Here some spoiler, yellow ranger is lesbian. Thats all. But no obscene scenes of course. Deyy. Plus, they even cut some scene in the movie. I don't what scene but I can see some in the middle of the movie. I guess I need to watch it again online then. By the way, it was a nice movie night even though I get tired the next day by not getting enough sleep. Which, I am everyday. Haha hey guys, the opening of the movie might be a little bit boring. But once they found out that they are the power rangers, thats where the exciting part come in. Don't rush the show. Enjoy it while stock last! And yes, I'm being annoying again. Go, watch it and enjoy! See you guys till then. Mmmkaybai.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Watoto; Children

Hello folks!

Today is another, fine lovely day. But, the only different is, its truly a wonderful day. This morning, there was this event happening at my workplace where a group of African choir team will be performing a live choir with christian song. I just happened to be part of it as I need to record the whole performance. As reluctant as I go, hearing a CHOIR is going to happen, I'm quite surprised for this choir from Africa. They called themselves, Watoto; children. They came from Uganda, Africa. The stage setup was not like a choir setup, at all. Then I heard from a friend of mine that the performance was awesome. Then when everything was ready to go, they started and I stunned. IT WAS GOOD! In fact, like my friend said, awesome performance.


(the opening song. not sure about the title of that song tho)

But before we go any further, Watoto, this group of people is an orphan. They lost their mom and dad. Some of them were left at the market when they were born. Some parents took them to a market or a playground and left them there. But they found themselves a new family to be with and to have fun with. The story bring tears to the audience (not. i just made that up) So they start singing, dancing, shouting, clapping, hopping. It's like a real, live concert. It was nice and I'm glad I was asked to take the video of the performance. Here some other song that they performed.

video  video

Then after everything has ended, one of my supervisor came to me and we had a talk. About the Watoto group. He said, you know that they are all orphan? And I nodded. If you know that, now, don't you think we are blessed? They don't have parents like we do from the day they born and some were being left in the middle of nowhere. Even so, they never lose hope and keep faith. And I nodded again.

*moral of the story, be grateful of what you have and don't take things for granted. You never know for some people, they really want to have what you have so long they can feel loved. If you think you are unlucky and unfortunate, think again. Somewhere out there, in this small little work, more people than you can ever imagine are more unfortunate than you. They need to go through hell. Just sit, and think again. Peace yo no war. mmkaybai.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Working with sacrifices

A long and boring entry


Hey bloggers and readers!

Today is a good sunny day. Unlike any other days, its always raining, damp and sad. But, there is also bad things in every day. For example, this morning I heard, one custom officer, let me just quote it for you guys, it's easier to understand. "Bangang gila kau tengok? Lari ke belakang, pastu bas jalan ke depan, lari ke depan pulak kejar bus. Bodoh betul." And they start to laugh. Oh, want me to translate that for you? Its like, why all this fella so stupid, running here and there for buses. Very stupid. Something like that. Here's a thing man, if you are not experiencing the same experience as they do, don't you ever judge. Do you even know why they were acting that way? Running for buses and all? You should, at least put on their shoes and start walking as they do. Once you feel the pain, the sacrifices that they make everyday, then you will stop talking bullshit about them. People judge so quickly. Judging people is nowadays trend. As if, we can't survive a day without criticism and judging people. That's a real laughing material. People who judge people should be laughed at.

Working in Singapore for Malaysians really worth the sacrifices. Because, it's times three the money you earn there back in Malaysia. When a person tell you they work in Singapore, surely your first impression will be, "Best la kau. Kaya. Darab 3 kot duit!", "Bila nak belanja aku? Kerja Singapore kot! Kaya!", "Orang Singapore weh! Jom lah belanja" and the treat and rich part will go on and on and on. Lots of them out there only know the cash that they earn. Not the hardwork and sacrifices made to earn that.

Here, let me just share a bit of the sacrifices made by Malaysians who work in Singapore to earn a living. Let us call them, superhuman.

They wake up every morning before everyone else does. While you are still in deep sleep, while some young fellas are at clubbing enjoying themselves, while some 'merempit', while some cycle with that weird bicycle across the road, while some are dancing etc. As early as 4AM, some even wake up as early as 2.30AM (to beat the traffic) just to get ready for work. They cook at home to bring along with them to work in the morning just to save money for family and their living. They make breakfast for family members before they even go out to work that morning. Taking bus towards JB Customs. Walk all the way to customs officer to clear passport checking. 

Malaysia Customs, morning and evening after work.

Google it. A lots of terrifying images of heavy traffic between JB and SG.

Walk again downstairs, again taking bus towards SG Customs. This is where buses are like hot stuff where people will start running for 'em. At times where the traffic is heavy, this superhumans will start walking to SG Customs. It's 2KM walk from JB Customs to SG Customs. Probably with normal speed of walking will take you around, 20 min or so. Upon arrival (macam naik flight!), they will again, need to queue for clearing passport with SG Customs. Another crazy moment. After all of this, some will walk all the way outside to take bus, some will just go down and take bus from there. Let see, the whole process for this will take you at least 30 mins to clear. Yes, provided there is not traffic in between the process. This whole process can take you up to 2 hours if you get caught in traffic in between of the process.

Social life? None. All superhumans work in different working hours. Example, 7AM - 3PM, 7AM - 4PM, 8:30AM - 5:30PM, 9AM - 6:30PM and so on. Do you think, when this superhumans return from work after 5PM, they will have time to have social life like you all do? I don't think so. Let say, they knock off at 5PM, from workplace to customs will take about, let say, an hour? Will reach SG Customs at 6PM. And you know what happen at 6PM? Yeah, heavy traffic. Likely 2 hours to clear everything and reach JB. Reach at 8PM. From there to home? Do you really think they live nearby like your neighbour house near like that? I give you one, that I know, the furthest; Simpang Renggam. Yes, they do travel everyday to earn a living in Singapore. What time do they sleep? What time do they need to wake up every morning? You do the calculations. Just imagine those with family getting through all of this just to support their family members? Its so sad to see older lady, in their 50s go through all this. Why aunty why? You should be at home, rest and let your children do all the hardwork now. But again, I can't judge. Aunty must have her own reason. Ganbatte aunty! Show them that you still have the strength to travel across border everyday to earn a living! Show 'em no mercy! (tetiba)

Come on, obviously they were running for buses because they don't want to be late for work and they want to escape the heavy traffic later that hour. You work there (at custom office) no traffic to escape easy to say and laugh lah. Wth man, wth. 

And so, the sacrifices list goes on and on. I told ya I will just share a bit of the sacrifices. If I ever share the whole list, this entry will go on and on and eventually, no one will read it cause its long and have a annoying grammar to handle.

I don't want to flame anyone on this matters, just that, before you spurt any words out of your mouth, just pause and think for a sec. Why they do that? Why they do this. Live in harmony is not hard. Just that for some people, they keep on finding a way to talk shit and throw away the chances to live in harmony. Oh gosh! I wrote to much. Guys, I do the writing, you do the thinking ya? Just my two cent.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Hello you guys!

Lets mixed up the language for today shall we. I'm feeling grammarfarktap lazy for a full english entry. Oh and yeah, it's long and merapu meraban. Nak baca, baca. Tak nak baca, sila tekan (x) kat atas belah kanan. Lets get started.

Jodoh. One simple  yet a big word eh? People say, rahsia Ilahi. It goes the same for Mati. Rahsia Ilahi jugak. But the thing is, people often ask you the same old question, 

"Bila nak kahwin?", "Apa cerita jodoh kau? Dah jumpa belum?" "Umur dah lanjut dah kau ni, bila nak kahwin?" 

And the question goes on and on. But, we seldom heard people asking,

"Weh, kau bila nak mati?" "Macam nak mati je kau ni, betul ke?" "Eh, umur kau dah lanjut, tak mati mati lagi ke kau?" 

Haaa, takda kan? takda kan? Except when you are really, really close to someone and they, without a doubt will heartlessly ask this question. Hahaha cause the question might hurt people feeling or people will find it improper to ask such question. Sama la dengan jodoh, you think that orang yang kau tanya tu don't think it's improper and might hurt their feeling and all? For me, you can bash me with those question, bomb me with it cause I know where I'm standing and I won't fall after I made a decision. Eceh, kengkonon. Hahaha. Either way, I don't care much about this. Trust me, if you ask me such question, I will basically look back at you with a murderous smile. Not much to say though about it. Like I said, rahsia Ilahi. Korang sebuk nak tau pehal?

Actually this question same goes to children after marriage as well. Apa la sebok sangat kau nak tanya orang tu bila nak ada anak and all. Dah ada anak, tanya plak lagi bila nak ada lagi, bagi adik kat anak first tu. Like... hello, busybody laknat kau. If you think about it, there will always a reason behind everything. Maybe family planning? Maybe can't afford to have any more children cause of economical problem etc. But then, malaysians... wait no.. Maybe malays jer. Haha

So for some people, some question really is personal and that question shouldn't be asked, at all. But some, like me, I don't care much about such thing. Ada rezeki, ada lah. There is this saying,

"Kita hanya mampu merancang, Allah yang menentukan."

Paham? Kalau tak paham, kau pergi mati sana! Hahaha. Untuk aku, for your information, those who doesn't know much, I won't bother getting married cause I still have my big commitment to fulfill; to take care my ryoushin (Google what is it cause I google-ed it too! Hahaha). But it is not so bad for me cause all my other brothers and sister dah married and ada anak. Cucu tu kira dah okay lah for my parents. So, let me just repay my parents time and hardship raising me till who I am now with my years taking care both of you and for your happiness instead.

Uish! Kalau ikutkan nak cerita balik, panjang entry ni dan akan menjadi boring. So maybe I will stop writing here. To end this..

Rezeki orang lain-lain. 
Lain orang, lain caranya. 
This is just me and my way. 
Don't JUDGE.
Just my two cent.
(hijau baik untuk mata. :p)

*kemain panjang entry. takda besar kecik, warna warna ke apa. malas. haha pastu post bukan bukan. I thought I promised myself that I wont post such thing lagi. Come on lah! Dah tua kot, 27 tahun! Hahaha. Ok ok, promise, no more la after this. Lepas ni kita post benda yang elok elok je. Takda gay gay macam ni dah. Tapi kan, apa-apa pun jadi, make your family your top priority. But, the ultimate priority, tak lain tak bukan, your parents. Yang lelaki, ingat lah, dah kahwin pun, syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu. Bagi yang perempuan, kalau nak kahwin, cari lah yang elok jangan sampai putus pulak ikatan antara keluarga sebabkan suami. Entah lah. Macam macam. Dah tua ni kan, cakap pun macam orang tua. Haha anyway, love your mom and dad, love your family, and don't forget to love yourself. Till next time. Mmmkaybye!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Again with lame entry


Hi there.

I'm here.

Still breathing.

Still alive.

It just that..

I just..


I just don't know.

What should I write these past month.

No pictures taken
(would be a boring entry without one)

So I just skip everything.

And will take more photo, for blog entry.


Just want to be missed.

That's all.

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